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eFiling is one of the most exciting changes in the legal field! Although there is a learning curve, eFiling is undeniably going to become a more efficient case filing system than physical copies. In addition to the ability to work from anywhere, it’s like having the entire court system at your fingertips. You may be asking yourself why you should bother adapting to the new technology, so we’ve come up with the top 3 ways that eFiling benefits your law firm:

Improvements in efficiency

The concept of efficiency is inextricably linked to time-saving, and eFiling can be the ultimate time-saver. When you eFile, it allows you to transfer sensitive case material over a secure connection with no time lost in courthouse lines or waiting for a courier. eFiling allows attorneys to be much more judicious about their time, and to see updates to case files immediately. Attorneys can also file case documents from their homes and offices, right up until the case deadlines. For clerks, you’ll notice that documents can be reviewed one after another without the additional transition of time between files. As an added bonus, an automatic "Notice of Electronic Filing," is sent by e-mail to the filer and case parties immediately after filing. With all these time-saving features, your staff will be able to make better use of their time, which ultimately saves money for the firm. Furthermore, eFiling creates some much needed peace of mind! You can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to wait for documents to travel through the mail.

Conserving resources

In addition to conserving time, eFiling also allows you to conserve other resources, such as paper. The average lawyer can use up to 100,000 sheets of paper a year, according to a survey conducted in a Washington D.C. firm. eFiling helps you cut down on your need to print, therefore reducing paper costs and waste. In fact, eFiling can save up to 80% of the cost of a typical paper filing. Much of this savings comes from the reduced transportation costs. You no longer need to pay a courier to wade through congested traffic on the way to and from the courthouse.

You can also cut down on office space after the eFiling switch is fully put into practice. When you eFile, you’ll need to keep fewer paper records, which means less room is needed to store filing cabinets. eFiling is one step closer to a paperless law office and court system!

Secure, simple, and searchable

Another advantage to electronic filing is that multiple people can review a document at any given time. Instead of physically checking out the file you need, the full case history can be accessed by any clerk.  In some counties, the case index and documents can be accessed by the public online for little to no cost. This helps keep your cases organized and eliminates time searching for missing documents.

We hope this article has helped you understand some of the benefits of eFiling! If you have any questions about making the switch to eFiling, we’re happy to help! Contact our Client Services department for more information!

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