If you’re new to First Legal, let me be the first one to welcome you on behalf of the 600+ employee strong First Legal Family. If you’re already a customer, thank you for your business and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you through our new partnership with Allianz. We are proud to be selected as one of Allianz’s National Litigation Support Vendor for Court Reporting, Court Filing, and Service of Process. We are committed to servicing you and Allianz in the most effective and efficient way possible.


First Legal is the largest legal support services firm in the nation. We have been servicing the legal industry for over 30 years assisting law firms and corporations alike with mission critical services such as court filing, court research, service of process and many other services.

Every day we process over 4500 jobs across the country for some of the nation’s largest law firms and corporations. This is why so many clients trust First Legal when it comes to developing a specialized Litigation Cost Containment Program such as the Allianz Vendor Program.


In order to process an order with First Legal under the Allianz Vendor Program, you must first establish an account…and we’ve taken great strides to ensure that experience is as seamless as possible. Below you will note (3) simple steps that will expedite the transition process. We look forward to serving you and your firm in the near future. Be sure to check out our FAQ section for some of the most common questions.

Get Familiar

Visit all of the areas on this site to familiarize yourself with our services, links, support pages and other useful information.

Contact Us

Email with your contact information and a Customer Support Specialist will follow-up within 24 hours to help you establish your account. You can also contact us at 888-599-5039 to setup an account.

Place Orders

Court Filings & Service of Process
Once your account is setup you can place your first order via our online order entry portal First Connect.

Court Reporting & Deposition Services
You can place orders by visiting our orders section and submitting your request via the defined contact methods.


Quick Ordering

Court Filing

Filing provided in all Federal and State Courts, as well as Public Offices, in every city across the country. We offer prompt filing in all Federal and State Courts, as well as Public Offices, in every city across the country. Filings that are pending are consistently followed up on and status is given until completion of the assignment. All First Legal Support Service offices, affiliates and support staff share the same concept and structure to provide consistent, high quality, service no matter what your assignment.

Service of Process

First Legal is capable and prepared to handle all types of service of process assignments, no matter how voluminous, difficult or complex. We maintain a base of experienced individually registered and bonded process servers. First Legal holds one of the highest affected service percentages in the industry. We also have considerable experience, resources and expertise concerning writs of attachment, execution and possession.

PDF\Fax Filing

First Legal offers PDF Filing and Fax filing throughout the United States. Our nationwide offices and affiliations combined with many years of experience in our industry, allows us to perform our services consistently throughout the country. We utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure PDF Filings / Fax Filings that are a fraction of the normal time and cost than our competitors. All PDF / Fax Filings are handled by trained staff, which meticulously set up all documents for filing quickly and accurately.


During these times as technology secures its place in the court systems around the country, First Legal is now capable of handling your eFiling requests. Whether it is directly filed into a number of participating courts across the U.S. or directly to our offices and affiliate offices, which are located minutes from the courts, this virtual avenue is quick, efficient and cost effective.


Quick Ordering

Certified Court Reporters

First Legal Deposition Services provides the highest standards in court reporting and specializes in all facets of litigation. We ensure that our team will provide you with the right reporter based on the type of case you are litigating. We only utilize the highest-quality certified court reporters with the most advanced skills.

Transcription Services

We provide transcription services for depositions, hearings, recordings & tapes and we handle them with accuracy and expertise. We understand the sensitivity of the matter and promise quick turnaround and premium quality. Our service experts work with all media formats and can provide certification.

Video Services

First Legal’s Videography Team utilizes only the latest video production technology and most advanced editing software to produce the finest quality video to meet your litigation needs. Ask us about Videography Service, Video Streaming and Video Teleconferencing!


Below you’ll find information about a few of our additional services. Contact us today for more info.

eDiscovery/Digital Solutions*

First Legal handles all document production and scanning services such as Imaging, Coding, Digital Printing, & Electronic Data Discovery (EDD). We have a localized network of responsive, copy-center styled facilitates within the key markets that we serve.


First Legal Investigations is a full service licensed detective agency with offices strategically located throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. For over 30 years, our team of professional investigators have provided the highest level of service to our clients both domestically and internationally. We provide services to the legal profession, insurance industry, municipalities, corporate clients, and private individuals.

* eDiscovery/Digital Solutions will only be available in CA. All other services are available nationally.

Private Investigator Licenses: CA PI: 24171 AZ PI: 1551710 NV PI-PS: 1452


Court Filings & Service of Process

Customer Support 888-599-5039, Option 2
Account Setup 888-599-5039, Option 3
Place Orders 888-599-5039, Option 1

Court Reporting & Deposition Services

Customer Support 855-348-4994
Account Setup 855-348-4994
Place Orders 855-348-4994


What are your hours of operation?2020-01-01T21:37:58-08:00

9 a.m. Eastern (EST) to 8 p.m. Pacific (PST)

How do I know if I have an account with First Legal?2020-01-01T21:37:58-08:00

Contact Customer Support at 888-599-5039, select option 2, or you may email us at:

If I do not have an account, how do I go about setting one up?2020-01-01T21:37:58-08:00

Contact an Account Specialist at 888-599-5039, select option 3, or you may email us at:

What services are covered under the Allianz Vendor Program through First Legal?2020-01-01T21:37:58-08:00

The program covers the following services:

  • Court Filing & Service of Process
    • Court Filing
    • Service of Process
    • PDF\Fax Filing
    • eFiling
    • Court Research
  • Court Reporting & Deposition Services
    • Court Reporting
    • Transcription Services
    • Video Services
How do we place orders with First Legal for the above referenced services?2020-01-01T21:37:57-08:00

We have identified some ‘easy to use’ new order options to suit your needs:

Court Filing\Service of Process
  1. Online through our dedicated Allianz website by accessing the following domain: A user profile is needed to access the portal.
    If you do not a profile, please request one through the information provided in these FAQs.
  2. Email your orders to:; or
  3. By calling our Customer Service Team at 888-599-5039, select option 1.
Court Reporting\Deposition Services:
  1. Send all new order requests to us by email at:; or
  2. Call us at 855-348-4994.
If I do not have an account but I need to place an order with First Legal, what do I do?2020-01-01T21:37:57-08:00

Contact us via one of the methods below:

  • For Court Filing\Service of Process Orders: Please contact our Customer Support Team at 888-599-5039, select option 1 to speak to representative or email us at: We will facilitate your request as well as submit your information for account set-up.
  • For Court Reporting\Deposition Services: Please contact our Court Reporting Team at 855-348-4994 to speak to a representative or you may send an email to:
If I am an existing First Legal customer, can I contact my local office?2020-01-01T21:37:57-08:00

If you do, please be sure to reference the Allianz Vendor Program and you will be transferred to someone in our National Division. Our Operations Team will need to verify if your AGCS Account has been established to insure your request is billed to the correct account.

How do I get a user name and password for your online order entry for Court Filing / Service of Process orders?2020-01-01T21:37:57-08:00

You may call our Customer Support Team at 888-599-5039, select option 3 and we can have your profile created as well as schedule an online order entry demonstration as a courtesy. Or you can email us at: Please be sure you name, contact information along with your telephone and email address are referenced as well.

Since we are new to First Legal, how do I make sure that our secretaries are set up to place orders with your company?2020-01-01T21:37:57-08:00

The simplest way is to email us with your firm information as well as the name and email addresses for your staff who will be placing AGCS orders with us and we will on-board them in the system within 24 hours. We can also host a Web Conference Meeting to answer any questions you or your staff may have about the program as well as provide a demonstration of the online orderings system.

If I have questions about billing or need to speak to my Business Relationship Manager, who do I contact?2020-01-01T21:37:57-08:00

Please contact Gia Magliulo at 213-399-7286 by telephone or send an email to:

If I need to speak to someone after hours, what is the best way to reach your staff?2020-01-01T21:37:56-08:00

The best way is through email, if it is regarding an order the email address to use is: or if you have a general question, you may email us at: Our agents carry smart phones that allow us to have access to our emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.