All Division of Workers’ Compensation district offices are open, with the following exceptions:

  • Eureka office to remain closed until further notice

Interrupted Services

  • DWC’s district offices are closed for filing purposes and all filing deadlines are extended to Monday, April 6.
  • No walk-in filings, walk-through documents or in-person requests permitted until further notice
  • WCAB Commissioner’s Office is closed to the public until further notice.
  • DWC’s hearing and conference calendar from March 23 through April 3 is limited to:
    • Expedited hearings for parties that appear at district offices
    • Status conferences, mandatory settlement conferences and priority conferences via CourtCall. If all parties do not appear via CourtCall, the case will be continued and notice will be given
  • Open for essential services only:
    • DWC Medical Unit
    • Return-to-Work Supplement Program
    • Uninsured Employers Benefit Trust Fund
    • Legal Unit
    • Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund

Please refer to the March 16 notice for detailed information.

Updated April 1

View the full notice here.

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