Allianz FAQ’s

How do I get a user name and password for your online order entry for Court Filing / Service of Process orders?

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You may call our Customer Support Team at 888-599-5039, select option 3 and we can have your profile created as well as schedule an online order entry demonstration as a courtesy. Or you can email us at: Please be sure you name, contact information along with your telephone and email address are referenced as well.

If I do not have an account but I need to place an order with First Legal, what do I do?

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Contact us via one of the methods below: For Court Filing\Service of Process Orders: Please contact our Customer Support Team at 888-599-5039, select option 1 to speak to representative or email us at: We will facilitate your request as well as submit your information for account set-up. For Court Reporting\Deposition Services: Please contact our Court Reporting Team at 855-348-4994 to [...]

How do we place orders with First Legal for the above referenced services?

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We have identified some ‘easy to use’ new order options to suit your needs: Court Filing\Service of Process Online through our dedicated Allianz website by accessing the following domain: A user profile is needed to access the portal. If you do not a profile, please request one through the information provided in these FAQs. Email [...]