Presiding Judge Joyce D. Hinrichs wants to reiterate to the public that, while the Courthouse Building and County Offices may be open to the public, all Humboldt County Superior Court courtrooms and offices remain closed to the public.

The Court has, in fact, expanded the types of cases it will be hearing throughout the day, but all appearances are remote or by restricted access into the courtroom. As earlier stated, documents can continue to be filed in the Court’s drop box on I Street and phones will be open to the public from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. daily.

The Court has expanded court hearings to include family and civil. Calendars are posted daily on the Court’s website: https://www.humboldt.courts.ca.gov/. If you have a hearing scheduled, do not come to the Courthouse. If you are represented by an attorney, contact your attorney; if you represent yourself, check the daily court calendar to confirm if your case is scheduled. If your hearing is scheduled, follow the directions on the Court’s website to access the hearing with your phone or computer.

Before opening to the public, the Court is implementing an array of measures to ensure the safety of everyone coming to the Court—court users and court staff. Fewer individuals will need to be present in Court facilities at any given time to implement necessary safeguards.

“We know that many folks are wondering what is going on with their cases, and want to assure anyone that they will be re-noticed for any missed court dates. If they have an attorney, they should check with their attorney, and if they do not, they will be getting information in the mail. If they are unsure if the Court has their most current address, they should provide that to the Court,” Presiding Judge Hinrichs stated.

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