The Court Will Reject All Non-text-searchable Documents Submitted For Electronic Filing In Civil Matters

Effective November 2, 2020, the Court will reject all documents submitted for electronic filing in Civil matters that are not text-searchable as required by the First Amended General Order re Los Angeles Superior Court – Mandatory Electronic Filing for Civil (2019-GEN-014-00).

The order requires all electronically-filed documents to be submitted in text-searchable format and to be bookmarked. Documents that are not text-searchable significantly impede the work processes of judicial officers and staff.

Since the implementation of Civil eFiling in November 2018, the Court has continued to work with Electronic Filing Service Providers to improve the rejection rates of electronically-filed documents. Although these rates have improved in most areas, parties continue to submit a significant number of non-text-searchable documents via eFiling.

More information on eFiling is available here.

View the full notice here.

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