Advanced Timeline for Order to Show Cause Hearings and Case Type Limitations Will Streamline Case Handling and Improve Efficiency

The Superior Court of Los Angeles County announces the following changes to the Personal Injury (PI) Hub court procedures, effective May 16, 2022.

Order to Show Cause Hearings:

Personal Injury cases filed on or after May 16, 2022, will be set approximately 24 months from filing date for an Order to Show Cause why the matter should not be dismissed for a plaintiff’s failure to file a proof of service of the summons and complaint, pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) §§ 583.210 and 583.250. At the hearing, absent a showing of good cause, the PI Hub courts will consider dismissing matters pursuant to CCP §§ 583.410 and 583.420(1).

Limiting Case Types Assigned to PI Hub Courts:

Effective May 16, the PI Hub will limit the types of cases assigned to the PI Hub courts. Only these case types, as identified in the Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum, will be assigned upon filing to the PI Hub:

  • Vehicular accidents and uninsured motorist claims (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum A2201 and 4601)
  • Premises liability – e.g., dangerous conditions of property, slip/trip and fall, dog bites, etc. (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum 2301)
  • Intentional infliction of injury – e.g., assault, battery, vandalism, etc. (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum A2302)
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum A2303)
  • Other PI or property damage or wrongful death (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum A2304)
  • Construction accidents (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum A2307)

The following case types (as identified in the Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum) will be assigned upon filing to Independent Calendar courts as complicated personal injury cases:

  • Elder abuse and claims against skilled nursing facilities (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum 2305)
  • Cases involving claims of childhood sexual abuse (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum 2306)
  • Habitability claims – e.g., mold, bedbugs, etc. (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum 2308)
  • Products liability (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum 2401 and 2402)
  • Medical and other professional malpractice claims (Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum 4501 and 4502)

Please pay special attention to and indicate the appropriate case type on the revised Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum, attached here and approved for use effective May 16, 2022.

Also, effective immediately, while parties may continue to submit up to two stipulations to continue trial, for a total continuance of six months, the agreed-upon trial date must be before the 2-year anniversary of the filing of the complaint. Otherwise, the parties are required to move for a trial continuance, and such continuance will only be granted upon a showing of good cause.

The goal of these changes is to expedite the time to trial and to minimize the disruption caused by the late transfer of a matter. This disruption has sometimes occurred on the eve of an important hearing date once it was discovered that a case required more attention than a PI Hub court could afford to provide given these courts’ case inventories.

In view of these changes, cases will not be transferred from the PI Hub absent a showing of good cause. Accordingly, the Motion/Opposition/Stipulation to Transfer Form (LASC form LACIV 238) is no longer available for use.

In association with these changes, the PI Hub has updated and consolidated its Standing Order, linked here.

You can see the full notice here.

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