The Los Angeles Superior Court operations manager notified all electronic filing service providers of a deficiency in some documents being submitted to the court.

The First Amended General Order RE: Mandatory Electronic Filing for Civil, dated May 3, 2019, requires eFiled PDF documents to be submitted in text searchable format.

Currently, 20% of the documents submitted to the Court through electronic filing are not text searchable.  This is impacting the work processes for Judicial Officers and staff.  For this reason, the Court may start rejecting non-searchable documents.  In order to avoid a rejection for this reason, please double-check that your files are text searchable before uploading them to the eFiling portal.

Please note, all filings submitted through First Legal’s concierge eFiling department are checked for text searchability.  If the documents do not meet the court’s text search requirements, our specialists reformat them in accordance with court and state guidelines.

If you have any questions about eFiling, please contact our eFiling department here, give us a call at 877.399.5562 or use the chat feature within our portal.

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