The Los Angeles Superior Court Reservation System (CRS) is back online after being closed during the first several weeks of the COVID epidemic.  The system is mandated in many civil courtrooms within the Los Angeles Superior Court. Instead of calling or emailing the courtroom to make a reservation, parties with a case assigned to a courtroom using CRS are directed to utilize CRS to make and manage their own reservations, within parameters set by the courtrooms. CRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and reservations can be made from a computer or smart phone. Please note, you are prohibited from reserving more than one hearing date for the same motion.

Continuing a Motion
Prior to scheduling any motion on CRS, including any Applications for Orders for Appearance and Examination, or continuing any motion, please review the online information (if any) for the courtroom in which you are reserving. There may be specific and important conditions associated with certain motions and proceedings.

Ex Parte Hearings
Ex Parte hearings are NOT reserved via CRS. Instead, you must *eFile* your Ex Parte documents with the Court. During that process, the clerk will schedule your hearing. You must come into court with copies of their file stamp accepted document on the proper day it was noticed. If bringing in copies is not possible, bring the transaction number for the eFiled ex parte documents.

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