The Court has received information that Los Angeles County residents are the targets of an email scam which directs the recipient to appear in Federal Court for jury service, or face fines. The sender (‘’) purports to be Clerk of Court ‘Sherry Mason.’

Please be advised that the Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) does not send these types of emails for jury service and they should be deleted without opening them or clicking on any links. There is no person named Sherry Mason that is employed by the LASC Clerk’s Office. Official jury summons for the LASC are only issued under the name of Sherri R. Carter who is the Jury Commissioner for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.

To respond to a jury summons, or for questions regarding your jury service, please go to the Court’s official website: and click on “Jury Services” or call the Court’s Juror Services Division at (213) 972-0970. To inquire as to Federal jury service, please visit for contact information.

Anyone with questions about a suspicious communication that appears to be from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County or a law enforcement agency should contact the Court or a law enforcement agency. A list of phone numbers for all court locations can be found here.

View the full notice here.

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