Family Law Litigants, Except Those with AB 1058 (Child Support) Matters, May Call (213) 633-6363 for Information

The Court is launching a dedicated, unified Family Law Call Center for litigants seeking information on their Family Law cases as part of its ongoing efforts to provide easier and more efficient ways to access to justice, Presiding Judge Eric C. Taylor announced today. The Family Law Call Center, which can be reached at (213) 633-6363, eliminates the need for Family Law litigants to call specific court locations to receive information on their case. The Call Center offers convenient alternatives to in-person Clerk’s office service, eliminating the need for litigants to take time off work, find and pay for childcare, and cover transportation and parking costs. With one simple phone call, litigants will receive their case information.

“After the successful launch of our unified Traffic Call Center, the Court is continuing to expand our convenient remote assistance options by offering the new Family Law Call Center as an expedient and safe way for Family Law litigants to get access to justice,” Presiding Judge Taylor said. “Through providing one centralized Family Law Call Center, Family Law litigants will save time by no longer having to locate phone numbers for Clerk’s Office locations at individual courthouses. The Family Law Call Center is the most recent example of the Court’s proactive efforts to meet the needs of court users during the pandemic. We expect that these remote services will become mainstays of our service model because they enhance our ability to help people with convenient, less expensive ways to access justice in Los Angeles County.”

Family Law Call Center staff are available to provide procedural and clerical information to litigants in a variety of Family Law case types, including Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Restraining Orders and Parentage. Family Law Call Center staff do not provide legal advice.

“I am so grateful to our court administration and staff for their tireless efforts,” Supervising Judge of Family Law Amy M. Pellman said. “Despite the challenges from the pandemic, our court administration has continuously found creative and innovative ways to serve our public. On behalf of the Family Law Division, we thank the court administration for their leadership and partnership in providing information and assistance for our community and we look forward to future innovations.”

Please note:

  • Litigants with AB 1058 (Child Support) cases should continue to call (213) 351-7500.
  • Self-represented litigants seeking assistance from the Self-Help Center for their Family Law case should continue to call (213) 830-0845.

The Family Law Call Center hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for Court holidays.

The Family Law Call Center is one of several convenient options litigants can use to receive information about their Family Law cases:

  • OPTION ONE: Online Services

Many Family Law requests can be resolved online. Litigants can access case information, check the status of filed documents, confirm a hearing date, search for a case number, access various workshops, order copies of documents, including judgments, and print forms without the need to speak to a clerk or come into the courthouse. Online services can be accessed here. Note: The website will not display information on Paternity cases or cases deemed confidential.

  • OPTION TWO: Family Law Call Center

If litigants are unable to resolve their needs online, they may contact the Family Law Call Center at (213) 633-6363 and speak with a representative. Telephonic interpreter services are available in all languages. Representatives cannot disclose information on cases that are deemed confidential.

  • OPTION THREE: In-Person Clerk’s Office Services

The Clerk’s Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for Court holidays. An appointment is recommended, but not required.

  • OPTION FOUR: Chatbot for FAQs

The Family Law Chatbot is available on the Court’s website and can assist litigants with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The Chatbot can be accessed by clicking the icon below.

  • OPTION FIVE: Self-Help Center

Self-Help services are available on the Court’s website, including various Family Law workshops. If litigants are unable to resolve their needs online, they may make an appointment to speak with a Self-Help representative by calling (213) 830-0845.

  • OPTION SIX: Efile Documents Through Odyssey File and Serve (OFS)

If litigants or their attorneys are registered with an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP), they may file your documents electronically through the Court’s online filing system. A list of approved EFSPs can be accessed here. Note: It is mandatory that attorneys efile their documents through OFS and optional for self-represented litigants.

  • OPTION SEVEN: Attorney Portal for Family Law Attorneys

Attorneys can register to access Family Law case information and document images for cases in which they are a party. The Attorney Portal can be accessed here.

Remote Appearance Options:

Family Law litigants are encouraged to appear remotely, by telephone or other compatible devices, for their hearing using the Court’s LACourtConnect system. To register to appear remotely, visit and select the “Family Law” button to learn more and start the registration process. Video appearances are strongly encouraged.

For more information about the Court’s Family Law Division, visit

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