Depending on your case type, Los Angeles Superior Court has two different procedures for returning signed orders to parties.

Probate:  From the official probate FAQ, #38. How will I be notified when my proposed order is signed? Once a proposed order is reviewed and signed by a judicial officer, the filed order will be returned to the eFiler via an attachment to an email using the email address provided on the document.  The current version of the Odyssey system is not designed to automatically return the signed order through the portal, however, they are developing that feature for future release.   Today, the clerk can manually return a signed copy through the portal or via email.  All eService contacts listed in the case will receive a copy of the signed order.  You may list additional eService contacts (parties or non-parties) to receive a copy of the signed order.

Civil:  From the official civil FAQ #44. HOW WILL I BE NOTIFIED WHEN MY PROPOSED ORDER IS SIGNED? Once a proposed order is reviewed and signed by a judicial officer, the filed order will be transmitted back to the eFiler by the electronic filing service provider (EFSP). All eFiled orders will be returned electronically by the EFSP.  The Journal System is designed to return signed orders through the portal, to the person submitting the filing.  First Legal learned that if the judge uses the Journal system to electronically sign the order, the order comes back through the system.  If the order is printed and manually signed, it may not come back through the system.  Since many orders are still being signed manually, you may have to go online to pull a copy of the signed order or place a research request for First Legal to retrieve a copy for you.

Please note that many California courts utilize the Odyssey eFiling system and have procedures similar to LASC Probate.  For this reason, First Legal recommends that you add yourself to the eService list if you want to receive copies of signed orders for that case.

If you have any questions about eFiling, please contact our eFiling department or use the chat feature within our portal.

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