Beginning today, the Los Angeles Superior Court will recognize the efforts of mediators and settlement officers from various organizations as part of Mediation Week in California, the third week in March.

LASC utilizes the efforts of these third-party organizations to help resolve civil, probate and dependency cases, saving litigants time and money, and the resolutions are often more lasting and satisfying to both sides.
Mediation programs reduce court filings, pretrial motions and trials and help to reduce future disputes between parties.

“The Los Angeles Superior Court is pleased to recognize and thank a talented and skilled group of individuals for their service to the public as mediators and settlement officers,” said Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile. “We know that people with legal disputes are often more satisfied with the outcomes of their cases when they are able to participate in mediation. The Court also benefits, as fewer cases go through lengthy and costly litigation, freeing up scarce court resources for other disputes. Mediation Week is an opportunity for the Court to say ‘Thank You’ to those who help provide access to justice.”

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