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First Legal is your premier destination for attorney services and litigation support. We provide litigation support, no matter where you are in your case. As a nationwide company, we’re qualified to handle cases from Los Angeles to New York, without sacrificing quality. If you are an existing client and you have any questions about a service, please contact us!

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Our experienced team helps simplify your workflow, allowing you to save money and time on the tasks you do every day! While other companies exclusively provide depositions services or records retrieval, we’re able to assist you at every stage of your case. How do we do it?

As you prepare to file, our Court & Process department will advance all court fees and provide you with a single itemized invoice. If your case requires investigation, our seasoned and licensed Investigations team will collect the evidence you need. Need to prepare a subpoena for records retrieval? Hand it off to our Records department and we’ll complete the documentation. Additionally, if you need data collection and forensics services, our Digital department can retrieve courtroom ready evidence. When you need a court reporter, our Depositions department will match you with a reporter who has experience in the type of case you’re litigating. Finally, our Trial Presentation Services department will help you create powerful visual demonstratives to win over a jury.

At First Legal, your success is our success! Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive File Thru Trial™ service.