Stipulated Agreements Protect Eligible Individuals from Risk of Contracting COVID-19 in L.A. County Jail System

Since March 24, 700 adults have been released from the Los Angeles County jail system as a result of an efficient process agreed upon by County justice partners, Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile announced today.

“I am proud that justice partners in Los Angeles County were able to agree on the release of low-risk individuals who have served nearly all of their jail sentence or are awaiting trial,” Presiding Judge Brazile said. “We are working together to promote public safety, social distancing in our jail and court systems, and proactive steps we can take to protect individuals from contracting COVID-19 in the nation’s largest criminal justice system.”

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, along with Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office, Los Angeles County Alternate Public Defender’s Office, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles County Prosecutors’ Association and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, have collaborated on this ongoing process to identify and agree on individuals appropriate for release. To date, Supervising Criminal Judge Sam Ohta has signed 16 orders to:

  • Modify sentences to permit early release of persons in County jail within 60 days of release. Under the stipulation, these individuals were released with or without supervision or to community-based organizations for treatment. Under the agreement, any remaining time on a jail sentence less than 60 days is reduced to zero. To save time and promote social distancing, the prosecution and defense waived resentencing hearings and the defendants waived their appearance in court.
  • Release pre-trial defendants on their own recognizance. These defendants will be required to show up for future court dates.

The Court will continue to consider these stipulated requests on an ongoing basis.

For the latest updates on Coronavirus/COVID-19-related impacts to Court operations, please consult the Court’s COVID-19 News Center located at the top of our homepage (, and follow us on Twitter (@LASuperiorCourt).

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