Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile signed an extension of his March 17 Order pursuant to the emergency powers granted to him by Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil- Sakauye under Government Code 68115. Under the April 14 Order, all courtrooms will remain closed for judicial business through May 12, except time-sensitive, essential functions.

“This extension is necessary to continue social distancing in our courthouses as we balance public health and safety while maintaining access to justice for time-sensitive, essential matters,” Presiding Judge Brazile said.

All Civil jury and non-jury trials scheduled between April 17 and May 12, 2020, will be continued to a date after June 22, 2020. Parties will be notified of the continued trial date. All pretrial dates for trials scheduled during this time period also are continued consistent with the new trial date. The Order is attached.

Presiding Judge Brazile’s April 14 order adds three new essential duties to the list:

  • Juvenile Petitions pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) section 388 (e) [per Emergency rule No. 6];
  • Writ proceedings under WIC sections 4800-4801 seeking release by persons judicially committed to a state hospital, development center, or other facility; and
  • Expedited Petitions to Approve Compromise of Disputed Claim or Pending Action or Disposition of Proceeds of Judgment for Minor or Person with a Disability pursuant to California Rule of Court 7.950.5, if no hearing is required.

To continue social distancing at courthouses during essential proceedings, Presiding Judge Brazile’s Order also indicates that Executive Officer/Clerk of Court Sherri R. Carter may provide telephonic and electronic assistance, to the greatest extent possible.

The Court is launching a comprehensive video arraignment program in 29 courtrooms in 15 courthouses in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Department and County law enforcement agencies. Remote appearance technology is operative in all essential Dependency hearings and in Delinquency hearings to the extent permitted by law.

For the latest updates on Coronavirus/COVID-19-related impacts to Court operations, please consult the Court’s COVID-19 News Center located at the top of our homepage (, and follow us on Twitter (@LASuperiorCourt).

View the full notice here.

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