Changes to Policy Regarding Normal Availability and Unavailability of Official Court Reporters

In line with CCP §269(a)(1), and California Rules of Court, rule 2.956, the Riverside Superior Court is modifying its official court reporter policy. Effective May 3, 2021, the Riverside Superior Court’s policy regarding the normal availability and unavailability of official court reporters will be changing as follows:

  • Official court reporters will be provided in felony criminal cases, criminal trials, juvenile, probate, family law, writ of habeas corpus matters, unlimited civil evidentiary trial testimony, writ of mandate, writ of mandate CEQA, recitation of unlimited civil case settlements, and any other proceedings in which an official court reporter is mandated by law.
  • Official court reporters will not be available for infractions, misdemeanors, limited civil cases, unlimited civil for any pretrial proceedings, civil law and motion matters, civil case management hearings, civil restraining orders, and civil petitions.
  • The Riverside Superior Court will provide electronic recording services for traffic court trials and unlawful detainer proceedings.

The Notice of Availability of Official Court Reporting Services identifies availability and unavailability of official court reporters for each department and is available on the court’s website. Official court reporters will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

In unlimited civil proceedings, a party who has received a fee waiver may request an official court reporter pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 2.956(b)(3) at least 10 calendar days prior to a trial or hearing by submitting Judicial Council form FW-020. The court, for good cause, may shorten or waive the 10-day requirement. The clerk will notify the party as soon as possible if no official court reporter will be available. Given the general unavailability of official court reporters, final notice of the availability of a court reporter may not be known until the day of the hearing.

The court is not obligated to provide court reporter transcripts free of charge to a party who has been granted a waiver of court fees and costs (See Jameson v. Desta (2018) 5 Cal.5th 594, 623-625). Assistance may be available through the Transcript Reimbursement Fund. Additional information about the Transcript Reimbursement Fund is available on the Court Reporters Board of California website.

View the full notice here.

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