Due to the State of California’s $54 billion deficit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Riverside Superior Court will experience a revenue shortfall in Fiscal Year 2020/2021 of $12 million. The Court has taken actions to reduce this deficit by closing courthouses, freezing staff positions, and reducing operating costs. These actions alone will not be enough to cover the anticipated shortfall. As a result, the court will be forced to close one day per month and furlough staff beginning in October, 2020, with only limited emergency services provided at some courthouses. Dates of closure will be as follows:

Pursuant to Government Code § 68106(b)(1), the Riverside Superior Court provided 60-day notice of its intention to tentatively take this action. All comments received have been considered in this decision. These closures are not judicial holidays for purposes of computing filing deadlines. Documents may be filed in one of three ways:

For information on limited services available during these closures, please go to: https://www.riverside.courts.ca.gov/GeneralInfo/MediaInfo/NewsNotices/Limited%20Services_Furlough%20Emergemcy%20Matters_Grid%20Only_V2_pub.pdf

View the full notice here.

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