eFiling in San Francisco Superior Court

First Legal is a court approved eFiling and eService provider. We will continue to support all of your court filing needs whether over-the-counter or electronically. Simply send your respective documents to your local FL court contact or to eFiling@firstlegal.com, and we will eFile on your behalf, in addition to delivering any required courtesy copies to the court.

Please find pricing details below:

  • eFile and eService bundle – $22.25— Email documents to eFiling@firstlegal.com and we file directly with the court on your behalf. We will even advance all fees on your behalf and invoice as we normally would. Note, you can also use the On-Behalf option to eFile any document in any other court in California or across the country, including Federal eFilings.
  • eFile, eService and courtesy copy delivery bundle – $39.00 — a special offer for ordering all three services at the same time. There is no per-page charge on the courtesy copy or eFiling.
  • Courtesy copy delivery only – $20.25 — Just looking to have a Courtesy Copy delivered? We’ve got you covered. With this option, there is no per-page charge.


What options are available to eFile with San Francisco Superior Court?
Option A: Upload documents via our First Connect portal and we will eFile “On Your Behalf.” Option B: Email us your documents to eFiling@firstlegal.com.

Does First Legal charge to eFile with the San Francisco Superior Court?
First Legal charges a flat-fee of $22.25 to eFile on your behalf via the court’s eFiling portal. You are also responsible for any advanced fees imposed by the court.

Where can I learn more about eFiling with the San Francisco Superior Court?
You can access our SFSC eFiling Summary page here. You can also read the Court’s press releases here. SFSC local rules can be found here.

How do I set up a user account for eFiling with the San Francisco Superior Court (SFSC)?
If you are a current customer and already have a login for First Connect, you should be able to upload your documents so that we can eFile them on your behalf. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, contact at 877.350.8698.

If I am new to the First Legal, how do I get an account to access your eFiling Portal?
In order to get a user profile, there needs to be an account tied to that profile. If you are new and do not have an account, please contact us or email us at: sales@firstlegal.com so that we can have a member of our sales team assist you with this process.