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While litigation costs continue to rise, we’ve been successful in helping our clients realize significant savings. How? By offering solutions such as cost containment, cost certainty an managed invoicing. What’s more, our size — 600+ employees and contractors working across 14 offices and the largest network of dedicated national affiliates — helps the firms we support gain an edge.

Let us help you:

•  Proactively control spends for outside legal services.
•  Streamline invoicing and eliminate confusion
•  Simplify by acting as a single point of contact

Achieve a reduction in overall costs —typically 20% or more annually


The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about us.

"I have dealt with every aspect of First Legal and have to say that they are the best at what they do.  

I have scheduled numerous depositions, some of which required special assistance, and there was never a problem.  The staff is right on top of every order and checks to make sure that everything is right.

I have such high praises for their court/messenger services.  The people are so knowledgeable and pick up on any little thing that might cause your document not to get filed.  They make you aware of the problem and fix it.

The investigation division has helped me in so many ways.  I have had them stake out people and serve them when no one else could.  They have found people when we have been at a dead end.  They have seized property and kept the chain of custody so there are no questions asked.  They are professional and extremely good at what they do."

AJ Cruickshank

Paralegal, Polsinelli

"First Legal has been a valuable strategic partner for over six years.

They are the gold standard in reliability and customer service for all of my litigation needs, from service of process all the way through trial."

John D. Fowler, Esq.

"We have been with First Legal for about 5 years now and the service provided is second to none…no matter the situation they can handle it…The personalized service is outstanding...Rick McDonald is the best at what he does…he never fails to come through even in the most time crunch situations…All the runners are polite and courteous and interaction with them has been nothing but a pleasant experience…I have nothing but high praise for ALL the staff and would and have recommended their services to many…"

Sally Giovanetti

Office Services/Facilities Management, Kaempfer Crowell

"I’ve been working with First Legal for some time now and am very happy with every aspect of this company.  Our now former onsite, Kris Hampton, was very efficient and pulled me out of a last minute jam on more than one occasion, and the new company rep, Lynda Amsell, is PHENOMENAL!  She is very helpful and I never feel that I’m asking too much of her with any of my requests.  I had not used First Legal for depositions until this last year, and I am very happy with this service as well.

Thanks, First Legal, and keep doing what you’re doing!"

J. Cox

Greenberg Traurig

"We have been using First Legal for almost a year now and I have been very pleased with the service they have offered our firm. We use them almost daily for Court Filings, County Recording, Process Service and Secretary of State Filings. They are quick to respond and are so versatile, with so many ways to place your order, that they are incredibly convenient. The staff is always courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. They even will call and let you know when your filing is completed if there was a same day deadline on the document. Further, the billing staff is helpful and goes out of their way every month to meet the needs of our small firm. Using First Legal exclusively has been a good decision and a pleasure."

Judy Markos

Legal Assistant, Relaw, APC

“First Legal has been a valuable, strategic partner for over 20 years. The First Legal team has provided unparalleled customer service, going above and beyond our expectations. We have used them for multiple services from court filings, court research, records, digital, depositions and more. They remain our go-to File Thru Trial provider."

Norma Ayala

Los Angeles

"I have been using First Legal for a number of years and I am continually impressed by their excellent customer service, responsiveness and commitment to help me ANYTIME I need it – whether it be the attorney service or court reporters or special projects!  I appreciate their dedication to always finding answers to questions and issues that arise in cases and work assignments!!  They are a terrific company with wonderful employees!!"

Tiffany Day

Legal Assistant, Jeffer Mangels


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