The following forms are now in effect relating to Enforcement of Judgments and Unlawful Detainers. Please ensure the updated forms are utilized to avoid any issues with filing rejections or service of process.

EJ-156 Current Dollar Amounts of Exemptions from the Enforcement of Judgments: This is a mandatory form to be served on individual judgment debtors when serving a levy.

EJ-186 Current Dollar Amounts Under Code of Civil Procedure Section 699.730(b): This form was created to comply with legislation limiting collection of consumer debt attached to individual’s principal home. This form does not need to be served.

UD-101 Plaintiff’s Mandatory Cover Sheet and Supplemental Allegations: This is a mandatory form to be served on any defendant in an unlawful detainer action.

UD-120 Verification by Landlord Regarding Rental Assistance – Unlawful Detainer: Landlords must use this form if they are requesting a default judgment in their case. This form may also be used at other times during a case, including when requested by the court.

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