By order of the Presiding Judge, effective May 13, 2020 and until further notice, the Civil Division of the Court will accept several types of stipulations and proposed orders in unlimited civil matters. They may be submitted only by email to the address noted below, and must be simultaneously copied to all other counsel and self-represented parties.

Until further notice, the Court will not accept any proposed stipulations and orders other than those described below without the express prior approval of the judge assigned to the case for all purposes.

A scanned, fully executed stipulation and proposed order meeting the criteria may be emailed to Do not refer the judge to a remote electronic drop box; all stipulations and proposed orders must be attached to your email as PDF or read-only Word documents.

The assigned judge will review the stipulation and proposed order. If approved, the Court will e-mail counsel of record and self-represented parties a scanned, conformed copy of the signed order. If the judge rejects the proposed stipulation, the Court will provide notice of the rejection to all counsel of record and self-represented parties via e-mail.

All applicable fees will be required. Parties without a fee waiver are to mail a check payable to the Ventura Superior Court. The court will set an OSC re payment, which will go off calendar if the fees have been paid.

The following types of stipulations and proposed orders are permitted:

  1. Stipulation and order submitting a case to binding arbitration and staying the action pending the completion of arbitration. The Court also will accept stipulations and proposed orders following completion of arbitration, such as for dismissal or entry of judgment.
  2. Stipulation and order for informal or formal discovery, including the exchange of specific information and evidence, expert disclosure, the deposition of witnesses, the setting of deadlines for the exchange of information, as well as any related cost-sharing agreement or extension of time for any action governed by the Discovery Act.
  3. Stipulated Case Management Order in a Complex action. Any such order shall provide that filing dates or other deadlines involving action by the Court are “to be determined” after the court reopens following the COVID-19 state of emergency.
  4. Stipulated protective order regarding privileged and/or confidential information. Please note that any such order containing a procedure for the sealing of documents filed with the Court must comply with California Rules of Court, rules 2.550 and 2.551.
  5. Stipulation and order vacating and setting aside entry of default and/or default judgment. Any such proposed order must contain a provision extending time to respond to the complaint to a date 60 days after the Court begins accepting new complaint filings following the COVID-19 state of emergency.
  6. Stipulation and order withdrawing a previously filed motion (including, but not limited to, demurrer, motion to strike, motion for summary judgment/adjudication, petition to compel arbitration) and taking any hearing on such motion off calendar with or without prejudice. This does not include stipulations to continue any pending law and motion hearing. Please note that the Court is currently not accepting the filing of any motions and is not reserving any motion hearing dates until further notice.
  7. Stipulation and order for appointment of a referee or receiver, assuming statutory provisions allow for such actions without a hearing.
  8. Stipulation for entry of judgment.
  9. Stipulated dismissal with retention of jurisdiction pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 664.6.

Please Note: E-mails sent to the above address are limited to the documents and communications described above or otherwise at the direction of the assigned judge. Unauthorized e-mails will not be read and will be deleted without any further action being taken. Ex parte communications shall not be sent to the above address, and any such ex parte communication will not be read or considered by the assigned judge.

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