First Legal Court & Process is a complex department with many moving parts. Our experienced team of couriers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and car/van messengers will file your documents in both federal and state courts. All First Legal offices and support staff share the same commitment to providing consistent, high-quality service no matter what the assignment. Finally, our staff communicates with court managers and other staff members to give you real time status updates on your assignments as they are being executed and completed. We are the premiere destination for eFiling and service of process!



First Legal is dedicated to investing in the future. We offer PDF filing throughout the US at a fraction of the time and cost of our competitors. Furthermore, our eFiling portal, First Connect, allows us to file on your behalf. The move to eFiling is currently our most pressing industry change, and we’ll help you navigate this complex process. When speed is a concern, First Legal expedites your process by advancing your court fees. We’re here for you, on your terms, so that you can enjoy complete legal support at any time!

Our role is to work with your legal team to plan, prepare, and present your case effectively at trial. We'll assist you in determining where your evidence is and where it needs to be.

Court Research


At First Legal, we offer you a quick turnaround on documents retrieved from State, Federal, and Bankruptcy Courts. We also offer case file copying. We perform civil and criminal index searches in all jurisdictions nationwide, including recorders offices, Secretary of State, law libraries, state, and federal archives. Our highly trained support staff is always available to ensure accuracy and to keep you up to date on your order status.

Service of Process


First Legal is prepared to handle all types of service of process assignments, no matter how voluminous, difficult, or complex. We maintain a base of experienced, individually registered and bonded process servers who will serve even the most evasive individuals. In addition, we have one of the highest Effected Service of Process percentages in the industry, with Proof of Service available within 24-48 hours.

Courier Service


We train our messengers to handle even the toughest assignments. You can rest easy while we deliver your documents to meet your deadlines. First Legal employs runners, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and car/van messengers who will provide you with consistent progress updates. If you need documents sent immediately, you’ll love our On-Demand delivery option. When you have a little bit more time, we also offer Rush, Regular, and Next-Day services.



We send you a single itemized invoice at the end of each assignment. This makes it quick and simple to reconcile charges to cases while avoiding any delays. We do not require a credit card or ACH, so it’s easier than ever to place electronic orders via our streamlined workflow.

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