File Thru Trial™


What would you do if you had a partner from pre-file investigations and research to post-trial appeals and judgement collection? With our File Thru TrialTM program, you can! Our five divisions provide a one-stop service option that is perfect for all your legal services!

In addition to the convenience of working with a single company, File Thru TrialTM also offers you financial benefits. These benefits include discounts, personal attention, and cost containment programs. Whether you’re a new or existing client, reach out to our Client Services team to find out how much you could save.

Network Service Coordinators


First Legal also offers a First Legal Coordinator to qualified law firms. This program gives you the option to station a First Legal employee inside your corporate office. Your coordinator understands your needs as a large company. They will work with our team to ensure a quick workflow with attention to efficiency! Whenever you have a question, you will have someone in-house to get you answers immediately. This is just one more way that we’re bringing you innovation and concierge-style legal services.



Pre File

This phase of the File Thru Trial™ process involves investigation and research. You can rely on our expertise as you consider your options for legal action.


Easily achieve all your filing and court research needs.


Our registered and bonded process team serves even the most evasive individuals. We specialize in large and complex investigations.


Document managementdata collection, and court reporting are just a few parts of the busy discovery phase. Our team will help you through the process!


As you prepare for trial, your needs may include investigation, presentation development, court reporting and more.


At trial, your needs may range from the simply (copies) to the complex (3-D animation).  We handle every detail so you don’t have to.


Litigation continues beyond the trial. Filing appeals, asset evaluation, judgment collection and a host of other support needs may be required during this phase.


Your litigation support needs. Partner with First Legal from beginning to end, or at any point of the File Thru Trial™ Process.

Court and Process
Insurance & Corporate Programs
Trial Presentation Services

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