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With more and more firms going paperless, many are seeing the need to update their office tech to increase productivity. Here are four investments we recommend small businesses make to expedite their eFiling:

A scanner

With the changing standards of digital filing, it’s become more and more difficult to get through the day without a scanner. You’ll likely find yourself needing to digitize paper documents in addition to printing digital ones. A large combination printer/scanner can be a cost-effective way to meet all your needs.

A custom domain/email address

It seems obvious that you shouldn’t be conducting business with a Gmail address, but we can’t overstate the increase in professionalism that investing in a custom domain lends to your business. The custom domain creates a sense of uniformity between you and your employees while allowing you to present a cohesive front to existing and potential clients. Furthermore, using free email addresses is a poor move for the branding of your firm, and for the security of your business. Custom domains also allow you to keep track of messages, even after an employee has left your firm.

Professional Adobe Acrobat

Just like courtroom conduct, eFiling is governed by a set of strict guidelines. As more courts adapt the practice, it’s hard to understate the importance of good PDF management software. The professional version of Adobe Acrobat will allow you and your employees to perform all the functions necessary for successful filing.

Modern Laptops/Desktops

Although you don’t need to buy every employee the newest iMac, you’ll want to invest in functional technology. Newer devices provide support for all kinds of necessary programs. They also tend to have access to more modern cyber security software. For tips on how to keep your data safe, check out this article on cyber security!

The initial costs of technology investment can be daunting, but the long-term benefits are generally substantial. Don’t let the up-front price tag keep you from making a decision that could revolutionize your long-term earning potential!

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