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We Simplify The Process

The subpoena process can be daunting and complex with every state following different standards. First Legal is here to help streamline the process from beginning to end.

Out-of-State Subpoenas

Preparing and issuing out-of-state subpoenas can be a complicated process that takes up your valuable time and resources. With the increase of individuals and businesses traveling and relocating out of state, interstate subpoenas are increasingly necessary to obtain records nationwide, which is why we employ specialists with knowledge of the rules and regulations in all jurisdictions. 

Our team can assist you in issuing subpoenas for both records and depositions, arranging for prompt service of the subpoena anywhere in the country. We can handle all your subpoena preparation, including drafting all the required documents, filing where necessary, and serving and procuring documents.

We are proficient in the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) rules and procedures.  When available, we use this standardized process to obtain records. However, our team is also knowledgeable about when UIDDA is overruled by local jurisdictions.  

Let us handle the intricacies of unfamiliar jurisdictions so you can focus on the most important matters.

Issue an Out-of-State Subpoena