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Know Your Data & Cut Your Costs

Our team of experts will search and cull your data before processing to ensure you’re only paying for the most relevant data to your case. No case is one-size-fits-all. Let us show you how you can work smarter, more efficiently, and within budget.

Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessment (ECA) is the process of collecting and analyzing fundamental data such as electronically stored information (ESI), paper documents, and other potential evidence of a legal matter. Conducting an ECA can help prepare attorneys for their “meet and confer,” assist in developing a successful discovery plan, and assess the overall viability of a matter.

The goal of an ECA will help to identify key points of a case: What are the legal issues of the matter? What relevant data do I or my client possess? What is the potential risk?

Our team will provide a cost-effective comprehensive evaluation of all data that will present counsel with a clear picture of all data file types, as well as a database that will allow keyword search terms, chronological filters, and the power to easily locate crucial documents.

We save you money by culling your data to a fraction of the size during ECA, thereby saving you review time and useless data headaches.

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