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Court Reporting

From complex, high-end litigation to smaller civil cases – we’ll match you with the best certified court reporter for your proceeding.

Schedule a Certified Court Reporter

Our schedulers are committed to matching you with the best licensed and certified court reporter for your case! Each court reporter is selected to match the type of case that you are litigating. Prior to your deposition, they spend time studying any technical, legal, and medical terminology provided vital to the deposition. All of our court reporters are trained to handle high-end complex litigation.

Many of our court reporters are certified in additional Communications Access Realtime Reporting. These “real-time reporters” are at the top of their field and have been certified to provide you with the best quality service and unparalleled accuracy. With real-time reporting, you’ll be able to read back the testimony as it is given and will leave the deposition with a rough draft that you can use immediately!

Our court reporters are highly trained to record remote proceedings, and certified realtime reporters can provide live-feeds of realtime transcripts so you can follow along during your remote proceeding right there on your own device!

Curious about reporter certifications? Read more on our Resources Page!

Our Court Reporting Services

Whether you prefer phone or email, we offer a variety of ways to conveniently schedule your deposition.

Remote Depositions
Enjoy total support for your remote deposition and participate from anywhere there is an internet connection. We offer a test run the day before to ensure your deposition runs smoothly.

Trial Court Reporters
If your case does not settle, request a court reporter to cover the trial, whether in-person or remote.

Arbitrations & Hearings Reporters
Request a court reporter to cover the hearing or arbitration, whether in-person or remote.

Connect With a Court Reporter