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Keeping Your Data Safe

The defensibility of data preservation can make or break your case. Let us help you protect your data against unintended or inappropriate alteration or destruction.

Preservation & Litigation Holds

Preservation refers to a party’s obligation to preserve potential evidence for a new or pending legal matter. The duty to preserve is often triggered by receipt of a litigation hold letter. A litigation hold letter is a formal notification instructing an individual or company to preserve all electronically stored information, communications, paper documents, and/or any other data that may potentially be relevant to the imminent litigation. Should a party fail to properly maintain said data, the Court may impose sanctions for spoliation of evidence.

Data preservation can be cumbersome and costly. Our team can assist by collecting data from its native source and host everything on a centralized database. This approach will still allow legal teams direct access and easy tracking and monitoring of important documents while safeguarding against potential spoliation.

Preserve Your Sensitive Data