We consistently provide our clients with ever-faster, simpler, and more cost-effective ways to file court documents. Our comprehensive eFile program offers two easy methods to file documents:

  1. CONCIERGE / ON BEHALF: Our most popular option preferred by 3 out of 4 of our clients! Simply email your filings to eFiling@firstlegal.com and we’ll do the rest. We will even advance court fees when necessary. This service is also available via First Connect; simply upload your documents and we’ll file on your behalf.
  2. DIRECT: First Legal is a direct Electronic Filing Service Provider. File your documents directly with the court using our secure, user-friendly online entry portal, First Connect.

Our team of Concierge eFiling Specialists are available until midnight, Monday – Friday to file your documents for you! We will even advance fees; no credit card required.

We also have ongoing webinars available for live tutorials. To find out more, click here.

Although eFiling is mandatory in some courts, you are not required to use the court portal or any specific vendor. Choose First Legal for eFiling and benefit from having a partner that delivers the most comprehensive and cost-effective eFile program in the industry.

Individuals requiring advanced accessibility may request accommodation. Please contact fcsupport@firstlegal.com for assistance.
Complaints regarding accessibility may be addressed by contacting Heather Reff at hreff@firstlegal.com.

As we transition into mandatory eFiling at LASC, First Legal is ready to accommodate all your eFiling needs. 

We will have full functionality to eFile directly with LASC the day they go live through our easy to use court certified portal First Connect, as well as a full staff of Concierge eFiling Specialists available until midnight each business day to eFile on your behalf.

First Legal has a dedicated eFiling Division to answer any questions you may have.  Our eFiling Specialists will even eFile your document on your behalf using our Concierge service.  First Legal’s Concierge service takes the guesswork out of eFiling as we make sure all fees are paid, your document meets the requirements of the court and courtesy copies are delivered when necessary.

To find out more, or to utilize our Concierge eFiling Service, email us at efiling@firstlegal.com or call our eFiling Division at 877.399.5562.

Please find pricing details below:

Simply email your filings to eFiling@firstlegal.com or upload your documents to First Connect and we’ll do the rest.

DIRECT: $8.75
File your documents directly with the court using our secure, user-friendly online entry portal First Connect (app.firstlegal.com)

How to eFile with a fee waiver for Orange County Superior Court:

What is a fee waiver?

  • Any fees for electronic filing charged by the court or by an electronic filing service provider must be waived when deemed appropriate by the court, including providing a waiver of the fees for any party that has received a fee waiver. Click here for an optional form to use.

I have more questions, who can help?

  • To find out more details about eFiling with Orange County Superior Court, click here.
  • For Orange County Superior Court Frequently Asked Questions, click here.
  • For a PDF of Fee Waiver application for the Orange County Superior Court, click here.

How to file online with a Fee Waiver

  • If you already have a user account on our First Connect order entry system, simply file a fee waiver through your existing account. Note that although the court will waive filing fees, you will still be charged our portal service fee when using your standard user account.  Click on the link below to request a fee waiver account.

There are two ways to apply for your Free Fee Waiver User Account

  • 1. Call us at 888.366.6335
  • 2. Click the button below fill out our application form and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

Important Information:

  • Click here to download a court application for Fee Waiver. You must complete the form and upload it at the time you file.
  • Call 888.366.6335 or complete the form to apply for a Fee Waiver account.
  • Fee Waiver accounts are only applicable to those with a completed Fee Waiver from the Orange County Superior Court.
  • Acceptance of Fee Waivers is up to the court and there is no guarantee of acceptance.