As the industry’s premiere File Thru Trial™ litigation support provider, we offer comprehensive cost containment programs and corporate litigation service. First Legal has been innovating in the field of legal support services for over a quarter of a century. With over 20 offices in the western United States alone, First Legal provides support services to thousands of law firms and corporations simultaneously. Some of our most noteworthy solutions range from court filing, to service of process, to messenger services. 

Our litigation cost containment specialists are focused on assisting you and your team in managing your legal expenditure as it applies to legal support services.

To emphasize, there isn’t a vertical or company, Fortune 50 or 5000, who would not benefit from this type of program.



Vendor management of several integrated service lines

Spend Reduction


Bottom-line spend in quantifiable, measurable terms

Profit Gain


Greater visibility into actual spend for multiple, critical process areas of litigation

It is estimated that 90% of the cost of litigation occurs during the discovery phase. Until now, companies have had little success in controlling expenses due to the many areas of litigation support. Finally, the search is over! Given these points, First Legal has identified key opportunities for realized savings.



Multiple Vendor Confusion

Multiple vendors for these services can add to the difficulty of visibility into true spend due to varying vendor management and service quality.

Fee Advancement

Advance fee check charges from multiple vendors can increase spend by 10-15%.


First Legal will advance fees nationally with net 30-day terms, resulting in an immediate increase in profitability by 10-15%.

Bundled Legal Support Rates

Customized National bundled rates for multiple service lines. Bundling several critical service lines allows for maximum leverage of buying power, faster response times and greater visibility of true spend.

Batch Invoicing

We'll provide you with fixed pricing, batch invoicing, and quarterly account management reports outlining key service metrics and return rates.

Account Executives

A First Legal Account Executive will be assigned to each law firm, giving you a single point of contact.

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First Legal is very proud of our reputation for quality and best-in-class customer service. Consequently, we provide training and consistent support to each law firm. As a result, you benefit from working with a single vendor that can effectively manage the entire roll-out process. Due to the fact that we ramp up quickly, you begin generating measurable process improvements and savings metrics by the third month of going live.

If you're an insurance company or corporation looking to file and serve documents across the United States, we have the resources to make it happen and we'll put your satisfaction above all!