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Attracting Top Legal Associates to Law Firm

In an increasingly competitive job market, many law firms have begun to evaluate their strategy for attracting new associates in the coming year. From recent graduates to exceptional entry-level transfers, building a strong team requires more than just a well-timed offer. If you’re planning to hire new associates in 2019, these tips can help you present the most compelling employment opportunity.

#1 – Start with the basics, and keep adding

Like it or not, there are some basic benefits that new associates will expect. Competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and advancement opportunities are considered par for the course. In order to stand out, consider the unique advantages that your firm can provide. Can you supply on-site technology training and support? Do you have an established mentorship program? Identify the things that make your firm different, and don’t be afraid to advertise them!

#2 – Keep up with legal technology

You can’t attract the best associates with outdated procedures and technology. Individuals in the job market want to see that your firm is willing to invest in the future. Video conferencing, remote access, document management, and cloud technology should be part of your daily operations.

If you’re feeling daunted by the thought of installing new hardware or training on new platforms, legal support companies like First Legal can provide many advanced services for a fraction of the cost of installing your own software. Additionally, litigation support companies drastically reduce the need for employee technical training, leading to increased productivity.

#3 – Outline performance expectations

Most legal professionals are expected to be available around the clock. This unrealistic expectation contributes to burnout and decreased job satisfaction. Openly discussing corporate culture, opportunities for flexible work schedules, and preferred strategies for efficiency will help you select associates who are prepared to meet your performance expectations.

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