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Bringing Corporate Counsel into Depositions

Corporate Counsel to Deposition

Does your law firm act as outside counsel for a large corporation? Are you the general counsel for a business? Attorneys on both sides of this equation often feel conflicted about who should be included in depositions. Over the course of litigation, from the initial filing to final judgment, both corporate counsel and outside firms must collaborate to present the most compelling case.

Of course, with dozens of pressing matters to attend to, it can be difficult for general counsel to find the time to attend each deposition, especially if there are multiple depositions held in different locations. Today, we’re going to discuss the value of bringing corporate counsel into your depositions and explain how First Legal Depositions make the process simple and painless! Let’s get started!

Assess the importance of the case

As corporate counsel, you may be dealing with multiple pending matters at the same time. For that reason, look at each deposition individually to evaluate its importance and the potential ramifications for your company.

In recent years, more corporations have gotten involved in “bet-the-company” litigation. Bet-the-company litigation is the common term for high-stakes lawsuits, which could devastate the company if they were to receive an unfavorable judgment. Typically, these cases involve some manner of confidential or proprietary material.

According to LAW360, fewer than 2% of cases will go to trial. This means that depositions have essentially become the final battleground for witness testimony. In light of this statistic, it is especially valuable to involve corporate counsel in high-stakes litigation. These corporate attorneys are uniquely qualified to assess the credibility of testimony, provide insider expertise, and refine strategy during deposition.

Schedule a video deposition

If you’ve determined that corporate counsel should attend the proceeding, a remote deposition offers a convenient and cost-effective way to accomplish that goal. Remote depositions have grown increasingly common, with more than a 20% increase in application over the past three years. The technology is valued for its ability to bring participants together, despite geographic barriers.

At First Legal Depositions, we provide remote deposition services for corporations and counsel in a variety of industries. All footage recorded during the proceeding is secured in databases that are HIPAA, PII, and SAS 16 compliant. Additionally, we make it simple to schedule a real-time court reporter for your remote deposition.

Video depositions are the solution to a long-standing problem. When corporate attorneys can get involved in the process, it creates an opportunity to develop a closer working relationship between general and outside counsel. By embracing this technology, you can save time, control costs, and provide the best possible representation for your clients.

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