Life as a paralegal is tough. You’re constantly being given new and confusing tasks to handle, often before you’ve completed the ones you’ve already had. Overextending yourself isn’t good for your mental health, or the resources of your firm. To help keep your office running efficiently, it’s important to know which tasks you can delegate. At First Legal, we want to make your life easier, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 tasks you can delegate to our Deposition Services department TODAY:

Conference room reservation

The first step of any deposition is figuring out where to hold it. Instead of calling multiple companies for conference room reservations, reserve one of our comfortable, professional deposition suites. Our suites are outfitted with the latest technology to allow for virtual and telephonic depositions as needed. Best of all, they can be reserved at the same time that you place an order for a court reporter!

Hire court reporters and interpreters

You’d never want to hold a deposition without a great court reporter! Our Deposition Services department is happy to match you with a great reporter who has experience in the type of case you’re litigating. If you need a realtime deposition recording, we can arrange that too!

Select process servers in the area to process deposition subpoenas

At First Legal, our departments work together to help you have the most effective and productive deposition experience possible! If you need process servers for your deposition subpoenas, we’ll seamlessly transition your request to our investigations department. No more time spent tracking down process servers!

Bring in a videographer for a synced transcript

Once you’ve secured an experienced court reporter, you’ll want to move on to the videographer. Audio and video recordings of the deposition can be an invaluable asset at trial, and videographers can really enhance your overall transcript. To learn more about how videographers and court reporters work together, check out this great article!

Archive errata sheets of witnesses’ changes and signature

When you need to keep records of the deponent’s corrections upon reading the transcript and the reasons for those corrections, we’ll help you safely and securely archive your errata pages.

If you’d like to learn more about our Depositions department and the ways we can support paralegals, contact us today! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!