At First Legal Digital, the name of the game is comprehensive. Our digital services encompass the complete eDiscovery process from forensic collections and early case assessment to review and production. When you need to collect, process, and produce hard-copy evidence, we're here for you with legal document scanning services and industrial printing solutions.

Legal Forensics


Through intelligent search functionality, our licensed forensic specialists can identify, preserve, and collect relevant metadata from all data sources. We can acquire this electronic data locally or remotely from various sources such as network servers, laptops, email servers, mobile devices, and cloud-based environments. We’ll guide you through the process to capture data in an efficient, legal, and cost-effective manner.

Our experienced, licensed private investigators use industry standard hardware and software to ensure the information collected through our forensic investigation will stand up in a court of law.

Early Case Assessment


Sometimes the sheer volume of information in your case can feel overwhelming. When you’re struggling to figure out whether you’ve got an ace in the hole or a bunch of dead leads, we offer early case assessment options. We’ll collect your information and upload it to our system. Then we’ll perform an initial processing to approximate the full amount of relevant results. We provide then provide the results and a price quote for a full assessment. This can save you time, money, and energy, so you’re not stuck pursuing information that won’t help your case.

Cloud Based Review


Our secure online review tool is available 24/7. Using the review tool, you can perform search filtering, culling, and tailor workflows. We offer real-time analytics coupled with a top-of-the-line document depository. With our document hosting platform, we upload your eDocuments or scanned images into our repository, which becomes available within minutes to all authorized users.

Legal Document Scanning Services


First Legal employs professional digital specialists to deal with high volume requests and quality scanning. We provide both onsite and offsite digitizing of court documents, medical records, poster boards, blueprints, and more. Our legal document scanning services can accommodate black & white, color, and even large format documents and output to a file format compatible with your document management software. Imaging documents provide you with increased flexibility, efficiency, and control over your discovery documents. We will reduce hundreds of thousands of pages to just a few files. This also means that your documents can be available to your entire legal team regardless of their location.

Legal Document Printing


Our seasoned team provides personalized service to meet your most time-sensitive printing needs . We can create fully customizable trial binders. Furthermore, if you need hard copies of an electronic document, we’ve got your back with blowbacks. When you’re dealing with a high volume of work, we can print with Bates labeling to help you quickly find the information you need. Furthermore, every page that you print with us is individually reviewed to verify the quality and completeness of our work. We have both black & white and color photocopying equipment with letter, ledger, and oversize capacities.

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