Digital FAQ’s

Do we provide solutions for the entire eDiscovery process?

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Transferring data between vendors for different EDRM stages is complicated, expensive, and less secure. Vendors that handle early case assessment, collection, filtering, processing, and review & production provide a bigger bang for your buck – and remove the risk associated with moving your data. First Legal offers an end to end eDiscovery solution.

What are our security procedures?

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Security is one of the most important parts of eDiscovery, and there are many aspects to consider. First Legal Digital has strict standards for chain of custody, a highly secure data storage facility, up-to-date technology, reliable hiring procedures, and disaster recovery plans in case of emergency.

What is eDiscovery?

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eDiscovery is the digital aspect of identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation. ESI includes but is not limited to emails, documents, presentations, databases, voicemail, audio and video files, social media, and websites.  The processes and technologies around eDiscovery are often complex [...]