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Five Ways Our Divisions Work Together

With our innovative File Thru Trial services, First Legal provides customers with a streamlined experience and fast turnaround. Here are five examples of how File Thru Trial can benefit you!

  1. Run into a bad address on a Service of Process? No worries! We’ll automatically hand it over to our Investigations department for recommended next steps to find your subject.
  2. First Legal Court & Process served a subpoena for appearance? We’ll instantly hand it off to our Depositions department when you give the go-ahead to schedule a court reporter.
  3. Upcoming trial? We have you covered. Our five divisions work seamlessly to support you, File Thru Trial and everywhere in between.
  4. Going through a merger, acquisition, or dissolution? No problem! Accounting is streamlined, so you will have one point of contact to assist you with all administrative changes.
  5. Your servee moved overseas? We understand International Service of Process, specifically including The Hague Convention rules for member countries and Letters Rogatory for non-convention countries. We also have translators that can assist with any translating needs!

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