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Hydration Tips

Conventional wisdom dictates that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Unfortunately, studies have shown that this figure may be inaccurate for many of us! The truth is, your hydration needs can vary depending on factors such as: height, weight, physical activity, and environmental stimulus.

Check out these four tips to help you stay hydrated year-round!

Monitor the temperature

It may sound silly, but many of us don’t pay enough attention to our environment. Be mindful of the temperature around you and increase your water intake as the thermostat rises! Your lean muscle tissue is over 75% water, which means that you can feel immediate, full body fatigue when you go too long without drinking.

Ensure easy access

Developing healthy habits takes time, but you can expedite the process by ensuring that you always have access to water! This can mean leaving a glass of water on your nightstand before bed or filling an empty desk drawer with water bottles. You’re more likely to continue drinking water when it is nearby.

Be mindful of your mouth

No one likes the feeling of dry mouth! While it can be tempting to ignore that itchy, irritating feeling, dry mouth is actually a sign that you are approaching dehydration! Whether you’re feeling dry mouth when you wake up or during your workout, be sure to take note of the feeling. That’s your body’s way of letting you know it’s time to hydrate!

Consider alternative hydration sources

Struggling to adapt to more frequent drinking? It can be hard to break bad habits. Luckily, nutrient-filled and moisture-rich foods can be a fantastic source of hydration. Some examples include: watermelon, celery, strawberries, cucumbers, blueberries, and oranges. In addition to functioning as a healthy snack, this approach is a great step toward developing healthy habits. Although the exact water content can be more difficult to monitor, these snacks can help you hydrate and prevent headaches, muscle cramps, and fatigue!

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