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Avoiding Information Overload by Going Digital

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Information overload is the latest clog in the workplace efficiency drain. It has become an issue in many legal offices and presents two distinct problems. The first problem is the physical difficulty of dealing with large quantities of documents. The other and potentially more detrimental problem, especially in legal firms, is that when information overload occurs, it is likely to decrease the quality of other decisions.

Avoiding the consequences of information overload in a law firm takes a concerted effort and a team-based approach. Technology has presented new and efficient ways of handling potential information overload and even made the information portable. These new tactics are designed to battle fire with fire because digital platforms that can both collect information and erase it when it has been deemed unnecessary. It’s no wonder that these high-powered programs are increasing in popularity in eDiscovery strategies!

eDiscovery Has Costs

eDiscovery is shifting from a physically demanding collection of documents to what appears at first glance to be, a lightweight, minimally laborious transfer of electronic information. However, despite button clicks and file uploads replacing bankers boxes and wheeled dollies, the amount of data processed in discovery is increasing exponentially. At the same time, the collection and preservation of that information is still just as important as before.

It’s becoming more common for legal professionals to routinely deal with tens of thousands of documents, emails, texts, images, and videos per case. It takes time to assess each relevant item, and someone needs to do the work! Fortunately, there are companies like First Legal, that specialize in dealing with information overload in the eDiscovery process. Costs associated with employing such services are offset by reducing the time to complete the discovery.

Technology to Sift Information Through

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are an invaluable resource for defeating information overload and creating portable discovery documents. Document management systems that employ AI technology can be used to organize, tag, and identify patterns of risky or fraudulent behaviors. While human eyes and judgment are used to evaluate the program’s findings, AI software can significantly reduce the number of documents that must be manually assessed.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is also crucial to dealing with information overload and creating portable discovery documents. Typically applied to PDF files, OCR stamps each file; causing them to become easily searchable.

All Information, In Your Hand

After the mountain of information has been sifted, organized, and placed into its appropriate spot, it should be stored in a secure repository that can be easily accessed and shared, as needed. Firms without the capabilities necessary for storing immense sums of data, firms can turn to data storage services, like First Legal.

Once all those steps are done, all the discovery documents needed are available in an easily portable device, like a tablet or laptop. No need for a team of sherpa’s to peddle the tomes of discovery documents anymore!

Final Thoughts

To prepare for litigation with confidence, take care of keeping up with the standards set by the evolving legal community. Focus on adapting to new technology that keeps your courtroom presence organized, efficient, and streamlined.

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