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Kern County Superior Court: Filing Reminder

Court Notice

Attention Kern County Filers:

The filing party has sole responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of documents and information transmitted to the court for filing. Court clerks and staff do not review documents for compliance.

Filing parties may designate documents “confidential” in the court’s electronic filing system, or may exclude or redact personal data identifiers or information from documents, including exhibits, or may obtain a sealing order, if warranted. It is the filing party’s responsibility to take the appropriate action.

Please see Local Rule 1.10.

It has come to our attention that some attorneys have come across sensitive client and medical information while reviewing files online. Such information may have been included, without redaction or a “confidential” designation, in a petition to approve a minor’s compromise or an MSC statement. If you find such information, you may wish to obtain a sealing order, or you may ask the civil unit to assist you in retroactively rendering that information “confidential.”

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