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Law Firm Wellness

Does your law firm currently have a wellness program? How about health initiatives? Whether you’re thinking of implementing a brand new program or improving an existing one, there are steps that you can take to make sure the rollout is successful. In this article, we’ll show you how you can promote total wellness in your law firm, whether you’re at the associate level or calling the shots as CEO!

1.) Ensure that there is support for the program at every level

While it may seem obvious that the program must have approval from the executive team, it’s equally important to get employees in mid-level and lower-level positions to commit to participating. Wellness programs offer a fantastic return on investment and improved work-life balance, but only when people are engaged and enthusiastic.

2.) Find the right partners and service providers

Once you’ve established that individuals at every level of the firm would support the program, it’s time to address the practical aspects. You’ll need to first determine your goals, as well as the general structure of the program. Typically, wellness programs might include an employer-sponsored fitness class such as Yoga or Pilates. Additionally, it might include supporting healthy eating by contracting certain meals with local health food providers.

If you’re feeling stuck on this step, consider reaching out to other firms in your area for professional recommendations. You might also find a firm with a program that you’d like to emulate and contact them for more information.

3.) Build a tracking system and offer rewards

In order to build a successful program, you must first determine how you’ll define success. This means creating a tracking system of some kind to measure employee satisfaction and general results from participation. By giving people the opportunity to provide feedback, you’ll learn quite a bit about how to improve the program. During your trial run, consider offering rewards or incentives for participation.

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