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Summer weather is here, bringing with it the temptation to shirk the stuffy office wear and don cool summer sandals and bikinis. A new season full of fresh strawberries and possibilities! Moreover, the longer days of summer are energizing, making the warm weather season a perfect time for legal professionals to evaluate and consider career goals.

For attorneys, career goals are often focused on furthering their work within a defined area of expertise. But how do you know when it’s time to consider a new adventure?

Look Outside Your Comfort Zone

So much time and effort are put into honing a lawyers area of expertise that any deviation from the specialty you’ve been chiseling at may seem fruitless. But, what if you tried your hand at a different field that also benefits yours? One that complements your chosen area of practice?

Opportunities for new career insight are often not far away, but they are only accessible to those who are looking for them! Take a look around your firm and see which areas are lacking. Find ways to improve those deficits and offer assistance where needed.

Seek Advice

To determine what additional areas of expertise could benefit your career, seek the advice of senior members of your firm. They’ll be able to guide you in a suitable direction and let them know you’re eager to expand your horizons. Broadening your skill set is a smart way to further your career and make you more valuable to your firm.

Discover Emerging Areas of Practice

The nature of the law is to expand and grow continually to reflect societal beliefs and limitations. As such, when new technology advancements are made, the law will see those advancements land on a litigators desk in short order.

New technologies present opportunities for litigators to carve new niches into their careers. Currently, new areas that are rapidly expanding include cybersecurity or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Help Others

Take a keen interest in your client’s business! Developing a good relationship with your clients means taking the time to learn their business in a meaningful way. Find out why their business is thriving. What drives the company forward? How do they keep employees happy? The more you know your client and their business, the better you can serve them.

Pro-bono work will benefit your career as well as the clients you take on. Help out in the community to help your practice thrive, and effect change for those genuinely needing your legal assistance.

Your Career in Focus

Opening yourself up to new endeavors in the field of law will likely re-invigorate your love for the law and breathe a new sense of purpose into your career. Taking stock of where you are and where you’d like to go is important to keep a passionate perspective towards your career!

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