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When you live in a big city, you are bound to find yourself stuck in traffic. It’s easy to feel like the minutes, or even hours, you spend behind the wheel are a waste of your time. Wondering what you can do to reclaim your day? Consider adding a podcast to the mix!

A podcast is a short audio file of a radio show that you can download and listen to remotely from any mobile device. Some modern vehicles even specifically offer onboard support for podcasts from the main console. Best of all, most podcasts are also completely free!

That’s why First Legal has compiled this list of podcasts to brighten your commute!

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

No list of legal podcasts would be complete without Lawyer 2 Lawyer, one of the longest running shows in the genre. Hosted by J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi, each episode confronts a modern legal issue and also invites industry professionals to examine current events and recent rulings.

Trial Lawyer Confidential

Hosted by LA based criminal defense attorney, Elena Saris, this great series sheds light on the inner workings of a state court trial. Each episode gives listeners the opportunity to become better trial lawyers themselves through the real-life cases presented.

Life of the Law

When it comes to legal podcasts, Life of the Law is one of the best in the business. If you are interested in the real world implications of laws and legal policies, you’ll love this biweekly show, which contextualizes legal trends through real-life experiences.

Opening Arguments

As legal professionals, our days may be a little lacking in humor. Luckily, this podcast, hosted by legal experts Thomas Smith and Andrew Torrez, will give you a laugh while keeping you up to date on popular legal topics. Don’t get caught off guard while you’re at your next cocktail party! These great episodes will make it look like you know exactly what you’re talking about, even when you don’t!

The Anxious Lawyer

Finding a good work-life balance is hard, but this great podcast will have you feeling some much needed zen. Tune in as two practicing attorneys share what they have learned about relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. This is a great supplement to your day. It can help fill in your relaxation gap, especially when you don’t have time for a yoga class.

Which of these sound most interesting to you?

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