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The Secret to Productive eDiscovery

eDiscovery Productivity

You arrive at the office on Monday morning and find yourself staring down dozens of complex eDiscovery tasks. Although you know that you’re capable of completing the work, you wonder how you can maintain maximum productivity when you’re faced with mental exhaustion and distractions.

For legal teams and eDiscovery professionals, this scenario is quite common. As a result, many people find themselves searching for practical solutions to this enduring problem. Over the past few weeks, we spoke to experts on the First Legal team to uncover the secret to productive discovery work. In this article, we’ll share their tips and tricks!

Communicate and collaborate

When you start to feel overwhelmed, remember that you’re not working alone! You should feel comfortable communicating between IT and legal teams. The truth is, technology is advancing very rapidly, and many discovery professionals will have questions about specific data formats and authorizations. It’s important to consult with coworkers who have the expertise you’re looking for. Lastly, you can improve future productivity by creating an open channel for constructive feedback! When ideas are freely exchanged, you can develop a holistic eDiscovery strategy.

Incorporate pauses

Mindful pausing during the workday is perhaps the most helpful thing you can do for your overall productivity. When you take pauses, make it a point to remain present in the moment. This should be a time to get perspective and remember past successes. You’ll find that pausing helps you think more adaptively, rather than jumping to tired solutions as data volumes grow. Take a moment to think about the task you’re trying to accomplish and objectively evaluate your current strategy.

Build a workflow

As you work, try to create an active data map. Although these can be time-consuming to build and maintain, they can also drastically reduce discovery costs. When you understand where information about specific data is stored, you can streamline collection work.

Final thoughts on productive eDiscovery

Even the most seasoned eDiscovery professionals can start to feel overwhelmed by large workloads. In these situations, it’s important to take mindful pauses and gather perspective. This will help you identify new efficiencies and reconnect with your work. Throughout the workday, remember to communicate and collaborate with the IT team. That collaboration can simplify complex questions and help you build an enduring workflow.

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