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Reasons to Record Legal Data

Reasons To Record Legal Data

When it comes to law firm information, many legal professionals are split on the matter of its value. While we look for all the information we can get in a deposition, we don’t always see the value in recording our day-to-day information. Moreover, many firms don’t have the software or programs necessary to collect large scale information.

In this article, we’re going to define internal information at your law firm as ‘legal data’. Here’s why you should record it:

You’ll learn more about your firm

Do you know where your leads are coming from? How do you track data from new clients? Are you confident in the accuracy of your reporting tools? If you’re unsure about any of these questions, it could be time to begin recording more legal data!

By efficiently tracking your information, you’ll be able to aggregate data across clients and cases. This information can be used to determine how well you’re meeting KPIs or how effective your conversion process is between attorneys. It can also provide insights into how leads are managed.

You’ll have new opportunities for automation

When you’re tracking legal data, you’ll have the option to plug that data into a variety of reporting tools. From the simplest spreadsheet to complex databases, reporting software can help you visualize your information and turn analytics into real process improvements.

Legal data can also reveal opportunities for automation. Law firms often lose leads because of poor or delayed communication. If you understand where your leads are coming from, you can explore solutions such as automated chatbots or outsourced reception services.

You’ll be able to do better work for your clients

Perhaps the most important benefit of recording legal data is that you’ll be able to gain insight into client satisfaction rates. Something as simple as an exit survey can offer crucial guidance to help you improve the intake and service process. Ultimately, this improves client outcomes in the future.

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