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Relativity Releases aiR for Review

Artificial Intellingence - Deep Thinking

In today’s digital age, the legal industry is constantly looking for technological solutions to streamline the process of managing electronic data. When tasked to handle complex litigation matters, we see more and more legal professionals utilizing AI technology to assist with the collection, review and production of data.

Leading eDiscovery provider Relativity recently announced their new AI powered product called aiR for Review (“aiR”). aiR is Relativity’s first generative AI product and is supported by Microsoft Azure OpenAI GPT-4 technology. This innovative technology promises to improve the speed and quality of locating responsive data for discovery requests and empowers users with enhanced case analysis allowing them to view citations and rationale supporting aiR’s recommendations.

aiR will be released by the end of the year with limited availability, with a full release expected within the first half of 2024.

As we anxiously await aiR, users can take immediate advantage of Relativity’s two other new AI-powered products: Personal Information Detect (“PI Detect”) and Data Breach Response. These tools were formerly known as Text IQ for Personal Information and Text IQ for Data Breach Response. Relativity acquired Text IQ in 2021 and has now rebranded the two tools.

PI Detect boasts improved accuracy and context recognition of personal information identification, enabling users to effortlessly find and redact pertinent information in a document. Furthermore, the Data Breach Response tool aids organizations in responding to data breaches by assessing the threat and helps track notifications and compliance deadlines. Both of these powerful tools are available now to RelativityOne users.

It goes without saying, AI technology is ever evolving and continues to make significant headway in the world of eDiscovery.

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