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5 Actionable Tips to Make Preparing for Your Next Remote Deposition Easier

A professionally-dressed lawyer on a laptop during a remote deposition.

Remote depositions benefit law firms in a myriad of ways, including eliminating travel expenses and allowing all participants to attend, regardless of where they live.

However, in order to reap these rewards, attorneys need to lay the groundwork for a successful remote deposition well in advance. Cybersecurity threats, unstable internet connections, and defective devices can all impact the proceedings.

Here are five actionable tips to make preparing for your next remote deposition a breeze.

1. Plan Your Exhibits in Advance

Viewing exhibits during a remote deposition is very different from presenting them in an on-site courtroom. It’s essential to start planning your exhibits well ahead of when your remote deposition is scheduled to take place.

If there are no smoking guns or sensitive documents, you can email your exhibits to relevant participants in advance. This ensures the remote deposition runs more smoothly.

If you’re providing exhibits to the opposing counsel but want to keep them from knowing the contents or identity, you can password-protect your files prior to emailing them. This allows you to share the password with the opposing counsel when you’re ready to introduce a specific exhibit.

2. Hire a Qualified Court Reporter

Due to the shortage of qualified court reporters in the United States, it can be tough to find one who specializes in remote depositions. Beginning your hunt for a certified court reporter right away can save you from headaches and hassle.

Finding an exceptional court reporter is crucial so that you can have accurate transcriptions of what took place during the remote deposition. Thankfully, First Legal Depositions can pair you with a licensed and certified court reporter who is perfect for the case you are litigating. Whether it’s a small civil case or complex, high-end litigation, we’ll match you with the best court reporter for your remote deposition.

3. Transform Your Conference Room into a Courtroom

It’s important to find a quiet, well-lit space to conduct your remote deposition. If your law firm has a conference room, this might be your best option. Ensure your equipment and Wi-Fi connection are stable and reliable before the deposition begins. Use to test the speed of your Wi-Fi connection to ensure it is adequate.

Behave exactly like you would in an actual courtroom. Dress professionally, don’t eat, stay off your phone, and minimize multitasking.

4. Get Your Witness Ready

A remote deposition can be a stressful situation for a witness, even if they’re attending it from the comfort of their own home. Take the time to prepare your witnesses for the remote deposition. Explain proper deposition etiquette, make sure their internet connection is reliable, and advise them to attend the proceedings in a distraction-free environment.

If they have young children, ask them if they can get a babysitter or have a relative watch them during the remote deposition. If they have a yappy dog, recommend keeping it in another section of the house where it can’t be heard.

5. The Earlier, The Better

Get your computer, files, and other essentials situated at least 15 minutes before the remote deposition is scheduled to start. Arrive to the remote courtroom early and ensure your witnesses do the same. This will save other participants time.

Final Thoughts

It’s smart to start preparing for your remote deposition well in advance. This gives you plenty of time to organize your exhibits, find a qualified court reporter, and prep your witnesses.

If you need a certified court reporter for your next remote deposition, contact First Legal Depositions today.

If you have questions on any of our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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