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Court Notice


Jurors are integral to country’s judicial system and in appreciation of their service, the Superior Court of Alameda County will join courts throughout California this week in celebrating residents who answer to call to serve during Juror Appreciation Week.

“Our system of justice would not be possible without those who honor their obligations as citizens and appear for jury service,” said Judge Thomas Nixon, Presiding Judge for the Superior Court of Alameda County. “We are sincerely grateful to those who take time from their busy lives to serve.”

More than 1,700 Alameda County residents served on a jury last year, helping ensure a fair administration of justice. Serving on a jury gives residents an opportunity to participate in a fundamental government function, build relationships with fellow jurors and most importantly, exercise their right to determine justice among peers.

Residents who report for jury duty this week will meet judges from the Superior Court of Alameda County, who will discuss the functions of the justice system and personally thank all who fulfilled their civic duty and reported for jury duty.

Jury Appreciation Week was created in 1998 by the California State Legislature to honor “the thousands of citizens who support the jury system, thereby making the cherished right of a trial by jury a reality.” The appreciation week is also intended to encourage “all citizens to support the jury system and appear when summoned for service, thereby fulfilling this most important civic responsibility shared by every member of a democracy.”

Residents who volunteer for civil grand juries will also be recognized for helping to shine a light on organizations throughout the county.

Residents who report for jury duty and are selected to serve on a trial can receive compensation for travel to and from the courthouse. Those who are not compensated by their workplace can receive an additional $15 a day for service.

“We all understand how busy our lives are and that makes us especially grateful for the residents who answer the call to serve,” said Chad Finke, CEO, Clerk of the Court and Jury Commissioner for the Superior Court of Alameda County. “A fair justice system is the backbone of a functioning democracy and the only way we can administer justice is with the help of community members who serve as jurors.

For more information about jury duty in Alameda County, please visit and click the Jury Duty tab or visit and click Jury Service for general statewide information.  Information about the Alameda County Civil Grand Jury can be found at:

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Court Notice


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