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5 Tips for Remote Paralegals On How to Provide Outstanding Services to Multiple Attorneys


The global pandemic required almost all legal professionals to pivot. Many essential tasks and meetings that were once conducted in the office are now being done at home. This transition has demanded more flexibility and versatility from paralegals. It has also opened the door to many opportunities, including boosting their income and serving multiple firms.

But if you’re accustomed to working for just one firm, how can you successfully leverage your skill set to provide your services to multiple attorneys?

Here are five tips for how you can provide outstanding services to multiple lawyers as a remote paralegal.

Let’s get started!

1. Stick to a Regular Routine

When you’re working from home, it can be tempting to sleep in, snuggle up with your pet, or try making something new in the kitchen. While all of these things are definitely perks of working remotely, it’s essential to keep regular business hours and tackle work-related tasks in a professional and timely manner. If you’re too busy baking cookies instead of helping an attorney prepare for an upcoming trial, everyone can suffer the consequences.

To set yourself up for success, create a workspace in your home that has little to no distractions. Be available for any professional phone calls or digital meetings during normal working hours. While this doesn’t mean you have to be locked to your desk all day long, you should schedule blocks of time dedicated solely to work. Learn the times of day when you’re hyper-focused and create time blocks around those hours so you’re super productive.

2. Clear Channels of Communication

Communication is key to any successful business partnership. However, it’s especially crucial when you’re working remotely. Set up a weekly standing meeting with your liaison to check in, strategize, answer questions, and discuss any ambiguous details about your deliverables. If you’re a contractor, your longevity with any one firm hinges on your communication skills. Take advantage of tracking tools and digital calendars to help you stay on schedule, even if you’re juggling multiple clients.

3. Always Stay One Step Ahead

Tasks and projects can easily fall through the cracks if you’re working with multiple attorneys. Project management skills are imperative for being a successful remote paralegal. Find the processes that work best for you. One method we highly suggest is getting ahead of projects well before their due dates. Completing important tasks well in advance instead of waiting until the day of the deadline can prevent stress and even burnout. Plus, you won’t be frazzled and working in a hurry, reducing the risk of errors.

4. Niche Down

The legal industry includes tons of specializations. Pick a niche that accommodates your unique skills and work with firms within that area. Think about it this way – you wouldn’t simply hire any painter to paint your bathroom walls. You’d hire a person who specializes in interior painting services.

5. Use Legal Tech Tools Like a Pro

You’ll quickly discover that legal technology will become your best friend when working remotely. These tools can streamline your work, help you manage multiple cases and clients, and stay organized.

The Bottom Line

Working with multiple lawyers can be challenging and rewarding. However, it’s essential to maintain a regular working schedule, always clearly communicate with your clients, and become tech-savvy.

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