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How Legal Professionals Can Leverage Technology to Boost Efficiency in 2022

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Ever-evolving technologies, such as eFiling, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud software, are changing how modern law firms operate. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, it’s essential that your team embraces legal technology.

Not only can legal tech deliver fantastic experiences to your clients, but it can also boost your firm’s efficiency. Here’s how today’s technology can streamline tomorrow’s processes.

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What is Legal Technology?

Legal tech can be divided into three different categories, including:

  • Enabler technology: This facilitates the digitization of processes and includes cloud storage solutions, eFiling, and cybersecurity services.
  • Support-process solutions: Enables processes, such as customer relationship management, to be run more efficiently.
  • Substantive law solutions: This involves the automation of repetitive legal tasks, such as transcribing depositions.

Why It’s Important to Leverage These Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how swiftly things can change and the vital role technology plays in maintaining business as usual. Many law firms now recognize the immediate value of embracing cutting-edge legal technologies.

In fact, 64% of law firm leaders think that insufficient use of legal tech can negatively impact profitability.

A few ways technology can benefit your law firm include:

  • Enhanced efficiency: You can increase your billable work product output without doubling hours or headcount with automated technologies. For instance, AI can quickly analyze your legal documents for crucial information. Digitizing your documents and securely storing them in a cloud will free up more space in your office.
  • Increased security: As a legal professional, you have an ethical duty to keep your clients’ sensitive information safe. Cybersecurity solutions can protect your firm from a potential breach, safeguarding your clients, your reputation, and your profits.
  • More convenience for clients: Remote depositions allow parties to participate from anywhere in the world. This keeps your clients safe while reducing travel expenses.

How Your Firm Can Implement Legal Tech for Increased Productivity

To harness the power of legal technology in your law firm, it’s important to start small. Implementing a variety of technologies all at once can set you up for failure.

Try using legal tech in your firm by:

  • Going paperless: Storing all of your documents in the cloud cuts clutter, printing costs, and paper. Additionally, your entire team can easily find the information they’re looking for in one convenient location.
  • Use a cloud-management system: Instead of using multiple servers, store all of your documents in a single cloud management system.
  • Start eFiling: More and more courts are accepting eFiling.

How First Legal Can Help

At First Legal, our experts have been providing unmatched services to legal professionals for years. Our File Thru Trial™ solutions allows us to be your one-stop-shop for all of your legal service needs. Whether you need help with eFiling or remote deposition transcriptions, we’ve got you covered.

We stay abreast of the constantly changing legal technology landscape to ensure we’re always providing our clients with the best service possible.

Final Thoughts

The time is now for your law firm to adopt legal technologies. To enhance your efficiency, boost profits, and offer superior services to clients, you need to start using legal technology now.

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